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Chapter: Literature Review


The management of organizations is usually considered as a difficult task and that is the reason why organizations stress a lot on new and modernized strategic options. These organizations through effective strategic management are getting bigger and stronger day by day. However, the scenario of management is changing that is the reason why general approaches towards management is also changing and the decision makers organizations are trying their level best to coordinate with these changes.

Terminologies like offshore outsourcing, management by objectives, employee empowerment, supply chain management, value chain management etc are changing the conventional approach of business and the phenomenon of managing things. Competitive advantage is achieved by implementing modern strategies and organizations are benefitting from it and they are achieving their desired goals through newer strategies. There are certain important elements that are quite helpful in the implementation phase of an organization like organizations are usually treated as machines, organizations are treated as organisms, organizations are work as transformational bodies etc. Organizations that are termed as old fashioned companies are the ones that stress a lot on command and control messages and they are the ones that manage their ‘white space’ within the organizational charts. However, organizations focus a lot on issues like change management and they manage difficult situations in their organizations through proper change management strategies. This chapter focuses on all the aspects of change management and how change management strategies are implemented in an organization. In the similar manner the core aspect that is discussed in this paper is that how organizations lead a change and how they manage it in both the short and the long run. Furthermore, this chapter focuses on the basic terminologies that are associated with change management and the theories associated with change management are also discussed in this chapter.

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