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When an enterprise is well established in the market, it is always true to argue that it is too large to fail. Several factors make this argument to be true. However, it is of paramount importance to note that these too large to fail (TBTFS) businesses give the small businesses an unfair playing ground so on my opinion these TBTFs should be dismantled. This is because these TBTFs always take advantage of their sizes and financial influence to dictate to the bodies whose duty is regulating businesses to their advantage.

Most of these institutions are also responsible for how wealth and income is distributed. It is also worthy noting that these TBTFs underwrite, design and then issue a wide range of structured capital market products, which end up distributing wealth in their favor. This leads to situation whereby resources are misallocated on a large scale when the sine qua of economics is to have resources efficiently allocated. (Stewart 45-67)

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