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One thing my English teacher once told me was that with words you can paint a Rembrandt. She said that we should “show” and not “tell”. The Cirque de Soleil is one of those experiences that cannot be told; it has to be watched. Watching La Nouba, the equivalent for “fun” in French, at the Downtown Disney Theater has been an experience that will always stay engrained in my mind. Losing track of time was easy while watching this extravaganza unfold right in front of my eyes.

While reading up on the event prior to my visit I discovered that the Cirque de Soleil was originally developed in Canada. This was not supposed to be a normal circus with animals and abnormally tall clowns. I discovered that people spend months preparing for one show and it is now produced internationally. Over the years this show had become the rave and every one wanted to jump on the bandwagon to indulge in the experience of being sensationalized. I was told to reach half an hour before the show began and that this was not a show that would wait for the curtains to be raised to start the magic. The La Nouba was produced to play especially at the Downtown Disney and is one of the many shows that play in the United States.

The audience was immersed with music from the start and people grabbed snacks before hand so they would not miss a second of the excitement during the show. American wrapped goodies secured between my fingers I parked my self in my designated seat as I prepared my self for the “fun” to begin.  The lighting in the entire place accentuated each of the acts in an ethereal manner. The show was full of humor, excitement, a little bit of drama, and action – the gymnastic kind. The acrobats were out of this world, the stunts were beyond what I had imagined and combined with the live music I felt like I had been gripped by a gravitational force that was pulling me towards itself.

The sky, a butterfly and a peacock are things that are the best exemplification of a mixture of colors. The Cirque de Soleil uses colors and creates a natural phenomenon. Every shade out of the color palette is integrated into the theatrical extravaganza. The props compliment the actors be aiding their acrobatic fiascos. Each performer on stage is integrated with another to move and sway at all the perfect times. No one ever misses a beat. If there is such a thing as aliens and they have telescopes that allow them to look into Earth the Cirque de Soleil would look like a sky that moves like a butterfly with the elegance of peacock colored swan.

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