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Asian art is widely known in the west for its classical origin and beautification that is helping the modern art to attain new attributes. Asian art is a mixture of art by different cultures of Asia that includes Thai art, Buddhist art, Iranian art, Indian art, Vietnam art etc.

Among all these arts the most beautiful and assimilated art is Korean art which is widely known for its attribute such as natural forms and surface clarity. The giants of Korean art include the name Shin Yunbok who has contributed in the enlightening Korean art. Shin Yunbok is regarded as the pioneer of Korean art who depicted the lifestyle and dynasty of Korea.  In this paper we shall discuss Korean art and Shin Yunbok’s contribution in Korean art. We will discuss in brief the stylistic approach of Shin Yunbok.

Shin Yunbok is itself a genre of painting in the Korean art that originated in 1758. Shin Yunbok is also known by its pen name Hyewon. Her paintings greatly reflected the social gatherings and activities. Shin depicted the daily life of people in her paintings. He painted kisaeng, noblemen and family associations in her paintings. Her stylistic approach of painting was to adapt and describe the features of Korean life. Paintings by Shin included women greatly such as Kisaeng dancing and indulged in merrymaking with noblemen. Shin’s paintings greatly helped people in understanding the fashion and lifestyle of the ancestors (Clark).

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