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It has been said often that the Korean art is greatly influenced by the Chinese. Korean cultural professionals state that Korean art is not completely influenced by the Chinese art. Though there could be a lot of similarities among both art but there is an element of individuality in Korean art. As a proof, the work by the painter Shin Yunbok can be considered as an example. The contribution of Shin Yunbok to the Korean art expresses its own genre in the form of naturalism. The erotic element is a natural expression that describes the human activity. Moreover his paintings include the sights of normal day life. Shin’s paintings greatly describe the human behavior and expressions of emotions. In this way Shin contributes to the Korean art and enhances its individuality.

Furthermore other paintings by Shin Yunbok include “Finding the Temple after Hearing a Bell Sound” and “Biguni”. Finding the Temple after Hearing a Bell depicts the natural setting where the three traveling women are searching for the temple. The setting in the painting features three women and a horse that is being used for travelling. Forest has been used as the naturalistic background for the painting (Clark).

The other painting named Biguni is a painting that exhibits the values of Korea. Kisaeng are valued in Korean culture. The painting tells the Korean culture by depicting the people bowing down in respect of Kisaeng. The paintings by Shin Yunbok are therefore remembered for the contribution in the awareness of norms and values of Korean culture. The beautification of his work depicted everyday life activities with causal settings. The blue colors and clarity of the surface paint is widely acclaimed by the painters of the contemporary painters (Rha and Cho).

Through the above research regarding the Shin Yunbok and his paintings, we can conclude that she has been a pioneer for the Korean art. Shin Yunbok has given a distinctive value to the Korean arts that enhanced the naturalism and individuality of Korean art. Due to Shin’s paintings, awareness regarding Korean art is evidently introducing other cultures to Korean art. The erotic element of her paintings and use of bold colors provides an overwhelming effect on the art lovers.

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