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KM offers improved efficiency and it results in higher productivity for the firm. The affect of knowledge management on organizational management and organizational learning is huge because it affects the information flow with the organization. Internal and external flow of information is managed through knowledge management applications and certain management information systems are developed to cater the information needs of organizations. Centralized databases and decision support applications can be a viable option for organizations because these applications centralize the entire information and related members of the organization can use this information.


Thus, we can conclude that many philosophers and management gurus believe that knowledge management, organization learning and organizational knowledge are all fashion oriented terms and these terms can be treated as management fads. However, that is not the case in many circumstances because organizations have experienced a 360-degree change in their productivity when they have incorporated these terminologies practically. Organizations like Pepsi, Coke, P&G etc have incorporated these terms on practical basis and centralization of information systems and development of knowledge based servers have helped these multinationals to achieve their5 desired goals. Knowledge management can be an integral part of an organization is its implemented in a proper manner. It can be a fad or a fashion oriented term if knowledge management is not applied and it is discussed only. As Goethe said “Knowing is not enough; we must apply!” (Jone Johnson Lewis, 2009).

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