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1. The element of charismatic leadership is usually related to heroism and an individual who is a charismatic leader leads from the front (Phipps, 1993). In the scenario of Singapore the scenario of charismatic leadership is not that good and this country is currently in the transformational phase as far as charismatic leadership is concerned. Singapore is ranked in the C brand among all the countries that are implementing charismatic leadership. The scale value of Singapore in charismatic leadership is 5.95.

2. Team Oriented leadership

The phenomenon of team oriented leadership is widely used in today’s world and team oriented leadership stresses on the phenomenon of team building and this style of leadership stresses on the long term development of an organization (Institute, 2002). The Singaporean organizations are working relatively well in this field and they are in the second band and are ranked B among all the countries. The value of Singapore in team leadership is 5.76.

3. Participative Leadership

A participative leader is an individual that involves his team in taking decisions for the betterment of the organization. Employees are empowered by the organization to take decisions and the leaders emphasize a lot on this factor (Northouse, 2006). The people and organizations of Singapore are not that good in this phenomenon and that is the reason why this country scores a C in the ranking and the score of Singapore in participative leadership is 5.30.

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