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The people against the death penalty try to convince the law and order bodies to understand that there can be innocent people who can be proved as the criminals in the court. Should they also be subjected to the death penalty? There could be another situation in which the murder was an act of defence. What should be done in this case? Should this victim or criminal be sentenced to death penalty?

The defenders of the death penalty have their opinion contrary to the reason of the people against the death penalty. They say that the crime is always questioned and prosecuted and that laws and regulations are always overlooked before taking any decision. Prosecutors would not decide the crime until it’s proven.

If allowed by state statute, mandatory death sentences are constitutional when the judge finds at least one statutory aggravating circumstance and determines that no mitigating evidence exists (Silve and Stephen).

  • Rights of everyone:

The people against of the capital punishment say that even the criminals have their own rights and they should be protected. They also have the emotions of love, repent or sense of giving. The criminals have a family of their own. He is not a criminal by choice but by consequences. His consequences could be the poor standard of his living or some depression imposed by the society.

This is an opposite to the view of the defenders. The defenders of the capital punishment have no sympathy for the criminals because it’s an unjust act. The criminals are the one who violate the rights of the others and costs the family of the victim great agony and crucial time. Such a person should not be forgiven at all and must be sentenced to the death penalty.

Through the arguments of two schools of thoughts it can be concluded death penalty is the right way to exterminate the evil from the society but at the same time it’s the system which gives rise to the crimes and chances to these criminals to become menace for the society. In a nutshell it is evident that Death penalty should be used for certain crimes.

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