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One of the first key points which Michael Dell makes in his book is in regards to the strategic questions which will form the basis of anyone’s organization. These questions start with an analysis of where the company stands at the present time. Followed by what the leadership thinks it will become and what they want it to become. Then it must be ascertained what opportunities are available to the organization and how they can take advantage of them.

Michael Dell started from these questions and acting on them helped expand his company further than ever before. Dell made a goal to outsell IBM back in his university days and in many ways understood the needs of the consumer market better than most of the top companies at the time. His company was the first to offer a 30 day money back guarantee for its 285 based systems in 1986. At the time its 12 MHz systems were twice as fast as its top competitor IBM. Dell made the decision to initially sell computers directly to end users. End users are those individuals who require the use of the product in their profession. The main focus of the company at the time was to make the experience of buying a computer as consumer driven as possible.

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