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Q1. What do you think? If you choose to drink water that gives you a 1 in 100 chance of cancer, is that your business or does the government have a right (or obligation) to stop you?

Since arsenic is found to be a causative agent of cancer in 1 out of 100 citizens, it is responsibility of local governments and they possess every right to make every possible effort to keep levels of arsenic as low as possible in drinking water and stop citizens from drinking it along with providing them safe and clean drinking water. (Frankenberger, 2001)

If someone resides at a location known to have natural sources of arsenic or contains elevated amounts of arsenic in groundwater, they must get their water tested in a laboratory. In order to do that, they may consult with their local office of public health. In case of large concentrations of arsenic in drinking water they can use services from a water distribution agency or find an alternate source of safe water.

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