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Explain Kant’s objection to homosexuality. How might it be argued that homosexual relations are compatible with, rather than contrary to, Kant’s view of the legitimate use of our sexual faculties?

According to Kant the inclination of a person towards another merely serves the purpose of fulfilling our sexual desires rather than following our human nature. In his opinion safe guarding the moralistic ground of our nature and keeping ourselves from debasement requires us to enter into a binding contract of marriage with the opposite sex. An ideal marriage would allow both parties to give themselves wholly without sacrificing themselves in the process. This institution also fulfills our purpose as human being to procreate and ensure the survival of the species.

If we indulge in sexual intercourse with a member of the same sex we are giving in to our baser natures. Such unions are made not with the intention of accepting the whole person but rather to simply indulge in our own sexual indulgences. Thus demeaning our own sense of being and not contributes towards the survival of the species.

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