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When we talk about crossing a boundary or even crossing a border it’s important to realize that not only is the act of crossing such a line important. Another thing which has great importance as well is how the characters experiences have led him or her to that point and how these experiences lead the characters to make the decisions which will affect the rest of their lives. Their lives being affected not only socially among a small group of people but also on a societal and cultural level that creates a link between them and the people that they surround themselves with.

When we discuss the boundaries that are engaged by the characters in the book there is one character that immediately comes to mind as embodying this concept. That character is one of Justin Cheong. Justin Cheong is a Chinese Australian whose mother Annabelle brought him up with strict Chinese values that placed the perception of society above their own needs. During his childhood Justin often struggled with his homosexual urges. He saw his friendship with Tien and Nigel Gibbon as the focal point of his existence at the time.

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