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JFK is an American movie that examines the incident of the assassination of the president of American John F Kennedy that took place on 22 November 1969. The film has been directed by Oliver Stone and was released in 1991. The movie is completely based upon the eye witness and the protagonist of the movie Jim Garrison who was the former New Orleans Attorney at the time of the assassination of John F Kennedy. The character of Jim Garrison has been played by the Kevin Costner.

After watching the movie and reading what critiques have said, I believe that there was a conspiracy behind the assassination of the John F Kennedy. In the year 1963 there were a very small number of TV news channels that were completely under the hold of government. Due to the government’s own concern, these channels were directed to broadcast only limited amount of news to the audiences (Costner).

The movie JFK elaborated the entire dilemma that turned as a darkest history of United States of America. As later on the movie was regarded as the major source to counter the real objective of assassination. FBI and other specialized agencies that were taking the complete hold on the John F. Kennedy assassination case to solve were completely stunned to watch the movie and what the eye witness had said. In the early 1960s, there were a very limited amount of specialized agencies who took a complete check over the issue and therefore the major parts of the assassination were missed by these agencies. The movie had raised those missing points of the assassination by using the protagonist and the eye witness Jim Garrison himself (Costner).

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