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After hefty amount of losses and losing the brand loyalty of the customers Jet Blue tried to overcome these problems and they developed different strategies to gain and rebuild public trust. Refunds and free tickets were given to customers that were stuck on the plane for more than three hours.

Apologies were coming from the top management of JetBlue and Neeleman delivered a one page apology to the affected customers of JetBlue. The press was very unkind with JetBlue’s performance and Business Week struck off the name of customer service champ from their magazine (Brennan & Morgan).

Neeleman’s apology letter to the customers was an appropriate strategy but this cannot be considered as a long term approach. However, to ensure customer loyalty the company developed a customer bill of rights to ensure that customers would remain motivated to opt for their services. However, the customers of this organization were confused about the when would the company compensate them and when they would not (Brennan & Morgan).

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