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Moreover, according to Buckley (1995) the IT risk management function implementation also specifies the target technical environment required to meet the business goals and control objectives of a specific global financial institution along a strategy and road map to reach the secure operating environment under the identified threat landscape. Furthermore, an adequate information & technology security program will help protect the organization’s information resources, its brand and reputation.

As previously mentioned, the main principle and function of the organization theory is to enable organizations to understand the main reason why and how the overall organizational structure and the arrangement of functions play a significant role in either the success or failure of organizations. Galbraith (1995) argues that although not the sole determinant of organizational success or failure, the organization theory which emphasizes on the importance of effective organizational structure as key to business success, is undoubtedly very important. Its elaborated proposition basically revolves around the concept of organizational architecture with the two main components: the organizational structure, and the organizational design.

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