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Another company by the name of Biogen Idec pulled the drug Natalizumab after reports of two patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy were given. These reports resulted in the loss of several stocks for the company (Universty of Maryland Medical Center, 2005). Another tremendous legal issue which followed the company known as ImClone Systems occurred in 2001 when several officers in the company committed insider stock trading. These actions lead not only to the loss of public trust within the company, but also criminal prosecution for certain company executives (Pollack, 2002).

Aside from all the issues mentioned above there have been several other criticisms hurled towards the field of biotechnology. The uses of stem cell research and genetically modified foods have been controversial in several countries for years. Cloning although considered a viable method for the harvesting of organs has been outlawed by several countries due to the morally ambiguous nature of this technology.

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