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There has been a long standing debate on the issue of tobacco consumption and whether it is a harmful substance that causes various forms of cancer and an assortment of other diseases. I personally believe that tobacco is harmful and addictive and a menace, rather a parasite in today’s society. While tobacco manufacturers have led us to believe that it is a matter of personal choice and any one can quit if they so desire, that is not the case.

My own experiences include spending time with peers who have been smoking for a prolonged period and wanting to quit for a number of years. Most of them have been unable to do so despite years of struggle. Based on my own observations, I believe that not only is tobacco harmful, it is fatal in the long run. And the pain that accompanies the death is tantamount to pure torture. Therefore, I believe that tobacco usage should be banned domestically. To further illuminate my position, in case of any ambiguities, I present a statement by Victor L. Crawford, who was a trial lawyer for the tobacco industry: “One day I was sitting in one of the smoke-filled rooms in the Tobacco Institute – they all smoked – and thinking, My God, maybe we’re on the wrong side of this issue, because I can hardly breathe!” (Crawford).

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