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Mrs. Peters discusses the issue of discrimination in the workplace in detail and she said that in nearly all the organizations discrimination occurs. The male counterparts are usually focused a lot in the organizations and that is the reason why they are taking the senior positions in the organizations. Similarly, she said that as far as the opportunities are concerned women in the corporate sector are not provided with appropriate opportunities that are the reason why in most of the organizations the senior positions are acquired by men. In the similar manner it can be clearly said that this discrimination in the corporate sector directly affects the well being of women in both the short and the long run.

When the question about her family and friends were asked then she said that her family and friends treat her as a respectable citizen of the society. She also stressed on the scenario that since she is quite aged therefore she is one of the most respected members of her family. Her kids and other family members of the society respect her a lot. In the similar manner, she is treated as one of the most respectable and educated members of the family and in certain cases she also gives career counseling advices to young ones. Mrs. Peter’s disuses the point that the element of discrimination is not present in her family and all the family members are regarded equal. There is no discrimination on the basis of financial background or qualification of an individual. She stressed a lot on the point and answered the question that she is not discriminated on the basis of age in her family.

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