Over the past few years, the Islamic State group called ISIS has been more prominent in the world’s violent attacks, despite its inception that dates back to 1999. The Jihadist group came to light after a few major incidents across the globe. It cannot be said that the main agenda of this group is to attack Western nations; in fact, they have also been actively participating in attacks in Muslim countries too. This group that stands as an enemy to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is no different than the previously known Al-Qaeda and Taliban, although their uprising is mostly associated with the recent Syrian Civil War; however, in reality, this group has been operative long since the very first Jihadist groups came into existence, and more importantly with different names. A few more important facts about this terrorist group would surely keep you in awe while you read through this post. Grab custom-written essays on such topics and much more!

Muslims and Muslim Countries Hate ISIS Too

The emergence of the Islamic State militant groups has wrought the image of the Muslim world by far; however, it is surprising to know that the Muslim world also faces the same struggles with these militant groups and hates them as much as Americans do. According to a survey conducted by the US News, it was concluded that Muslim nations abhor ISIS, with a percentage ratio of the population giving strict views on the result that was truly overwhelming.

After conducting 11 surveys in different countries by the Pew research center, it was found that lesser than 15% of the people gave favorable views of ISIS while the rest of the 85% gave strict abominable views on all militant groups. According to Muslims, these militant groups have their own religion and do not abide by the teachings of the Quran or Islam; true Islam teaches peace just like any other religion.

The Names ISIS or ISIL Have a lot to Say

The group is originally named in Arabic as Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi-al-Iraq was-al-Sham. To translate this, their main agenda is establishing the Caliphate known as the Levant in English. The word Levant includes the region that spreads from Turkey to Syria to Egypt including Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel.

All these regions are referred to as Al-Sham. On the contrary, Syrian experts think that the region the terrorist group wants to portray is Syria and Bilad Al-Sham which is the parallel Levant. However, the group publicizes itself with different names: sometimes as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and other times as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant).

Saudi Arab hate ISIS and Vice Versa

Although, Saudi Arabia backs the Sunni Muslim community to which the militant group belongs; the main conflict is between Saudi Arab and Iran without any religious concerns. This political conflict flared up with the execution of Shiite clerics in Arab, which gave rise to this over-exhausted, brutal, and vengeful group that emerged from Saudi Arabia but now wants to create unrest in the aboriginal country just as Al-Qaeda had done to Iraq.

The Whole World is Vulnerable

ISIS is a global problem, and not about Muslims or Islam, otherwise, Muslims had not been subjected to terrorist attacks at all. Most of the Terrorist attacks happen in Pakistan and Syria today. Taliban had been active in Pakistan with which the military is recently at war.

The Taliban belong to Afghanistan with which the country’s relationships have always been friendly. This all concludes that the main aim of this militant group or all others is to create unrest across the globe and to spread the Caliphate which is a new militant and extremist Islam contrary to the real Islam in order to create more unrest by fueling up the differences between the major population of the world, Muslims, and the rest of the world against them.

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