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The report has been prepared in three sections by performing the SWOT analysis, financial analysis using various ratios and stake holder analysis to observe if Fairfax Media Limited is successful or not. The analysis of all the three areas is based on three different scenarios and the multivariate approach to evaluate the company’s performance from various points of view (Diakoulaki, Mavrotas and Papayannakis). The SWOT analysis of Fairfax Media Limited was performed to evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, prospects and risks.

The situation analysis presented the corporate and competitive objective of the company while highlighting the weak and strong points of the company. The components of the financial analysis except comparison with peers present that Fairfax is quite successful in the areas of profitability, liquidity and leverage. The financial ratios analysed for profitability and liquidity indicate that the company is quite strong and successful in these areas. Fairfax has witnessed more losses than its competitors in the wake of the global financial crisis as indicated by the comparative analysis of reported profits of these companies. This is the only section which indicates that the organisation is quite unsuccessful in minimising losses due to unforeseen circumstances. The stakeholder analysis of the company also provides a favourable position of the company with respect to shareholders, creditors and customers. An overall evaluation of all these individual factors is sufficient to conclude that the company is quite successful and stable in terms of profitability, liquidity and in achieving its competitive and corporate objectives.

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