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This involvement of Bartok in folk music changed his entire life in a positive way. He started as a seeker of information regarding folk music but later on his seek of information took a scientific approach. He became a rigorous scientific researcher. This changed his approach towards producing music and language he used in his composition (Bartók and Suchoff).

This change in his musical approach to folk music further matured his style of music composing. His documents and composed melodies were like a bridge towards the modern world and the urban pre-world music.

Bela Bartok’s work was published in many languages for the folk music history as it is regarded as the complete source to the folk music. But his work was given less importance in Hungary and was looked upon as an unpatriotic act.

Bela Bartok had provided the insight of the folk music through his recorded work, manuscripts of the melodies, memos and notes which evidently elaborate the complete information of the folk music. Many researchers have been conducted by keeping the profile of Bela Bartok as the primary source for the search of the different civilizations. Bela Bartok visited many countries in the world in order to integrate the clear understanding of the folk music.

Bela Bartok contributed to the field of musicology by playing three characters in his life first, as the composer he produced the blend of folk music secondly as pianist who taught other to play piano in institutes. At last he played the third and most important character in his life that keeps him in the mind of singers and orchestra, as an ethnomusicologist he contributed to the field, all different attributes of the folk music of different civilizations.

His orientation towards the pedagogy took place as a piano teacher and he took his job seriously. For he knew that to impart the musical method is important just like he learned how to play piano because music isn’t about entertaining only but also a custom and tradition of great many civilizations (Bayley).

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