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Peter Berger in his book uses the most easiest and formal English which is greatly lacking in all sociological l books whether classic or modern. The usage of vocabulary by the author in this book “Invitation to Sociology” is very high-quality which might let reader get a dictionary with them. The art of writing the descriptive and brief concepts of sociology is greatly appreciated by most of the humanistic sociologists including the student s of the field of sociology as well students of other fields as well (Berger).

Even though the book is greatly recognized but the book needs to be republished as there are new concepts which are arising in the society. There should be another volume of the book which can deal with the modern phenomenon of the sociology along with the citations of the new sociologists of the field as there is greater population of sociologists in the modern world. This book also provides the background of the man in the society, how a man attains different behaviors and the institutions which encourage and demolish the society. But there is a need of explaining these institutions with respect to the modern concepts of the society.

Moreover the changes occurring in the different societies of the world have added a lot of phenomenon in the field of society and many new concepts from other disciplines have made their way to the sociological studies. Therefore this version cannot be considered for defining the key concepts but this book can be used for the historical analysis for the humanistic sociological models (Hinkle).

The book is a successful attempt of calling the people outside the field of sociology to the social studies of man behavior and societies, sociology. This book is unable to impress and provide new conceptual views to the sociologists and students who are already indulged in the research work and practice of societal phenomenon. This book can be used as the reference for the historical context as this book is written on the past cases.

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