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The book “An Invitation to Sociology” is written by a well-known sociologist Peter Berger. This book deals with the phenomenon of the existence of man and how sociology develops the human associations. The author in this book introduces the readers belonging to all fields to the nature and tendency of sociology in the shaping of social life and an individual’s personality as well. This book deals with the social background and history of sociology and according to its title, this book invites the students of all fields to learn and understand about the basics of society and sociology.

Peter Berger impresses a small band of sociologists as he talks about philosophy and history in his work and other disciplines in his books and that is why he is known as humanistic sociologist. His has focused more on the interdisciplinary nature of sociology in his work as well in the book “An Invitation to Sociology”. If the reader would be a humanistic sociologist he would definitely find the work of Peter Berger authentic and his invitation as an opportunity. For the students outside the field of sociology, this book would bring interesting new concepts which shall impress the students to step in the field of sociology.

James Davison commented on the work of Peter Berger in a more assertive tone he explains that it’s would be not wrong to say that Peter Berger is now successful in introducing the humanistic background of the sociology which he planted decades ago  (Davison and Ainlay).

Peter Berger is successful in defining the interdisciplinary nature but simultaneously he reveals the negative character of the sociological studies. Readers of the book, belonging to the field of cognitive sociology can extract the fearful ideas of Peter Berger’s book that the negative character of the sociology is that the sociology can never legitimate but delegitimize. Max Weber in his work also reflects the idea of the sociological consciousness which can lead the modern societies to the path of disintegration.

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