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Internet surgery uses Ethernet connections and robot-like instruments to actually examine and operate patients. This surgery does not require presence of a human surgeon to perform major surgery; rather a robotic arm and other robot-like devices are enough to perform accurate surgeries. This kind of surgery is helpful for surgeons too who can do it from any part of the world without being physically present at the place of operation.

He can evaluate any tests he wants; they can easily perform the practice of his operations before any actual surgery. Practicing surgery before time will let the doctor aware of the risks and blunder he could make in actual operation. The doctor will also get a hands-on over his field work. Patients are facilitated with this utility in a way that they can select surgeon of their choice no matter where ever he is located at that time. A person can be sure about the results that there is no any chance of human errors and there can only be accurate results. Besides having numerous advantages, there are a number of hazards associated to it as well. These include the failure of network support or sudden breakdown of power. Computer failure can also result in major losses. These risks can be prevented if a backup support team remains there on duty at the time of operation (Tripod, 2008).

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