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It has been a known fact about them since 2005 that Rogers people used to incorporate a conduct limiting some of the services and applications at intended times. Now this needs a strategy so as to shape data traffic in a way that the company could not detect it as that service which it is blocking currently. The data packets should be shaped in a form so that they don’t look like those services which are being blocked by the company. Encrypting the data packet beforehand would resolve this to an extent (Giest, 2007).

Consequences may contain higher use of Bit Torrent like software on which bigger files sharing is done and ISPs are not even aware of such heavy usage by the user. Another consequence may be the hindrances of open source application development caused by reducing the amount of bandwidth. Reduced bandwidth certainly damages the ability to communicate abroad and spread the scope of work worldwide. It is worse that service provider would be taken advantage over the content in an unfair way. Conspicuous deceleration would be met when an ISP is messing it up by considering email traffic as the Bit Torrent traffic. Obviously many institutions are facing problems by reshaping the data packets when they access their mailboxes inside the institution or outside (Giest, 2007).

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