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Since its birth in the 1960, Internet has become major channel of interaction among millions of people all over the world ( cited in Parks & Floyd, 1996). It has not only impacted the life thousands of individual but also many of companies as well. Many companies have started their successful business over the internet, have earned millions of dollars and enhanced their customer base across the globe. Similarly individual have used internet for many purpose like broadening their circle of friends and socialize with people of all over the world. They used to maintain healthy relationships with their relatives and even play on-line games ( cited in Parks & Floyd, 1996).

Sometimes it happened that the friendship build over the internet converted into a lifelong relationship like marriage ( cited in Parks & Floyd, 1996). Though there are certain limitations like lack of sharing facial expressions over the internet etc., yet internet has played a remark able role in bringing the people closer. It is right that in the beginning, the communication among the people over internet is more of impersonal nature and has the factor of uncertainty, but as the time passes and relationship matures, people start sharing personal problems and their likes and dislikes with each other. This helps to develop more coordinal and congenial relationships.  As for as the barrier of communication like lack of sharing emotional aspects is concerned, it can be resolved by exchanging pictures and webcams etc. as the parties move forward over time and wants to continue their relationship. It takes time to build more passionate relationship both in real and cyber world alike. Long term relationships are actually based on sharing more credible information and building up trust. Users normally start their interaction through the Internet as primary channel of communication like news groups and then turn toward other channels like e-mails and telephones etc. So internet has actually increased the chances of communication and interaction among people. For example, the popularity of Orkut and Face book as a tool to interaction among friends all over the world is an evidence of the importance of internet in bringing people closer to each other at very little cost.

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