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However, strategist and general users of the internet actually considers internet as a global media and through different process organizations can benefit from it. Organizations can use different mediums or in other words certain tools through which they can market the product or service. Organizations can use blogs, social networking sites and online interactive advertising to market their products and services. These mediums are effective and efficient in both the short and the long run and organizations of today’s world focus a lot on these mediums. Blogs and social networking sites can easily extend the customer base of an organization and the preferences and needs of the customers can easily be gauged through the internet.

Therefore, it can be clearly said that internet can easily be considered as the necessity for most of the organizations because of its gigantic database and prolific tools through which the customers can be targeted quite easily. Social networking sites and other related mediums are considered as an effective tool as far as marketing of an organization is concerned (Meisner, 2006). Organizations are relying a lot on this medium because of the fact that this is a cheap medium of communication and the effectiveness of this medium is more as compared to other mediums. Furthermore, the decision makers that are working in organizations actually emphasizes on the fact that how interactive the medium is so that the consumers can easily interact with the organization and in this manner the brand awareness and brand loyalty can easily be created among the customers. The interaction on the web is considered as a new phenomenon and customers can actually chat live with the representative of the organization and then on a live medium the representative can easily solve the query of the customers (Meisner, 2006). Because of this real time interaction the customers are satisfied with the organization and organizations because of this approach usually benefits in both the short and the long run.

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