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Internet addiction is a psychological disorder which is directly related to online gaming. Although the internet addiction is a relatively new disease that has not been widely accepted in the psychological community, there is no doubt that individuals in society today spend a large amount of their time doing tasks online. In many ways internet has been related to gambling since there is no physical intoxicant which causes the individual to become addicted. According to pre defined symptoms an individual is considered to be addicted to the internet if he spends 80 hours a week online or has sessions on the internet that last up to 20 hours a day. This can lead to problems which can affect the individual’s health and social lifestyle.

Not only can it cause sleep deprivation resulting in fatigue which can lead to poor physical health. It is also responsible for other problems such as obesity, eye strain or back ache due to lack of proper exercise. It can also affect the individual’s relationship and responsibilities to his family and friends and can also badly affect his occupation and academic standing (Young). A study of internet addiction which combined results from three hundred and twelve surveys found that people with internet addiction tend to be solitary and restrict themselves from being in social situations (Young and Rodgers). When we consider studies which are directly linked to online gaming we find similar results which show failings in school, work with an emphasis on family and relationship problems (Brian D. Ng and Peter Wiemer-Hastings).

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