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Strategies have been designed to increase the work duration and control the use of internet. They include disciplinary actions against internet abuse at workplace. These actions are preceded by some policy; which would indicate the possibility of duration on which an employee can spend his personal time online. Expensive programs like Honor systems can be used to monitor activities being performed on every computer in an organization.  Another risk is that the businesses purchase the software products righteously and the copyright laws forbid them to download any illegal contents from internet. For such an action employees would not be blamed instead the employers would be accused of that illegal transfer (Taillon).

Larger workforce cannot be tracked completely with honor system therefore information assurance is offered to be used by businesses which afford to have an internet security program. Computer use is tracked easily by giving password to each system and checking the usage afterwards. This is completely legal in an organization. This defensive programming helps in tracking for hitches in software and irregular flow of controlling data. Keeping firewalls also help an organization in keeping away from antagonistic instructions. Increasing the level of internet security is also in favor of an organization with the help of which Honor system would do their best at screening the usage of computers and internet at workplace (Taillon).

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