As per narrated by Yahoo, major of its offerings are available in more than 30 languages and the company is operational in around 25 countries including the provinces and the territories as well. This has expanded their reach to domestic market and targeting the end users belonging to different cultures and norms. In a whole majority of their sites operating in different countries are provided with their local language developed by the native speakers of the language, therefore the international sites of the yahoo are not standardized and are available in different languages considering the country they are being offered in.

Yahoo began to internationalize its organization in April 1996 with the collaboration of Japanese venture, when the site was launched through a joint venture with Softbank. Softbank is a Japanese telecommunication and media corporation hold a strong market in Japan. This made it easier for Yahoo to slip in the international market. This venture further leads to an enormous expansion in the European market with the joint venture of a subsidiary of Softbank called Ziff-Davis Publications. Yahoo was successful in establishing its organization in the European market and was able to start its operations in May 1996. Noting that Yahoo was capable of targeting 2 continents within a month. European venture was supposed to soon begin its operations by offering customized operations especially targeting the competitive market in UK, Germany, and France in 1996.

Yahoo with the aim of providing the customized searching over the internet to the users started its operations from the UK and then gradually expanded to Germany and France as well. As users became more and more familiar with the services offered by Yahoo they began to demand the personalized language which could be easily understood by the users of the local market. As per a research conducted by Yahoo itself along with the collaboration of the Forresters research it was found that there were around 8 million users in Western Europe and that was found to be increasing in the coming years. The western European market was observed to be fastest internet growing market for online services and it was also proposed that the market would be growing exponentially within t coming 2 years with the annual growth rate of around 80%. Brand loyalty was also observed in the European market and it was found that UK has already endorsed the yahoo services long before Yahoo even launched in the UK.

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