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Another reason behind the increase in land grabbing is the increasing demand for biofuels due to their lower prices as compared to the conventional oil. There has been a significant emphasis on the production of biofuels because they are environmental friendly and less costly as compared to other oil products. A number of European corporations have determined to start large scale use of bio fuels in the near future. European automobile companies intend to produce 10% of all transport fuels from biofuels by the year 2020.

The contentious issue in the production of bio fuels is the area of fertile land needed to produce the bio fuels. Multinational corporations are purchasing huge areas of land in underdeveloped countries for the purpose of production of biofuels. The main target for such companies is Africa. Rich investors are exploiting the poverty of Africa and they’re buying huge chunks of land despite the fact that food crises regularly occur in Africa. Production of biofuels can be translated into more and more food shortages in Africa.

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