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Internal Aging

The element of internal aging is closely related to the corporate life cycle of an organization. Dr. Ichak Adizes stressed on the scenario that the life cycle of a company is a bell shaped curve. The left side of the curve depicts a growing organization and the downward curve depicts the downfall of an organization which is also termed as the aging of an organization.  However, the plateau depicts the state when an organization remains unchanged. The subtle changes of an organization are summarized by Adizes and certain characteristics of both the growing companies and the aging companies are discussed below:

Growing companies

  • The problems are usually characterized as opportunities.
  • The management takes the control of the entire organization and it drives momentum.
  • The responsibility is given the priority and change in the behavior can lead to an organizational wide change.
  • The opportunities of the organization are maximized and they are turned into profits.
  • Each and every function of management is implemented properly.
  • Change is not considered as a negative phenomenon and it is accepted by all the members of the organization.

Aging companies

  • In these type of organizations risk aversion takes place and most of the results are exceeds the level of expectations.
  • The opportunities are usually considered as the problems.
  • The management in these types of organizations is usually driven by inertia and management is controlled by the organization.
  • A change that is initiated in the organization is directed on the behavior on the organization.
  • In the scenario of an aging organization consultants are not needed.
  • The element of organization politics and political gamesmanship prevails in the entire organization.

This characteristic varies with organization to organization and the industry in which they are operating. However, he stresses on the scenario that if organizations won’t change their general attitude towards internal and external factors then they might eventually die (Adizes, 1988).

External Change

Technology is changing quite rapidly and there are certain organizations that are slowly and gradually adapting to these changes. The invention of technologies like internet, wireless connections and terminologies like Total Quality Management, value chain management etc are changing the general management of organizations and that is the reason why organizations are adopting these technological items (Brown & Harvey, 2006). In the similar manner in order to gain a competitive advantage organizations adapt to these external factors. Furthermore, organizations that are not adapting to these external changes are losing their market share and it is highly probably that they would suffer in both the short and the long run.

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