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Healthcare technology systems introduced a clinical IVR system to be utilized in medical estimation and care.IVR stands for interactive voice response and these systems collects the data for different healthcare organization and pharmaceutical companies and researches. They explain computer’s interpretation of touch-tone where computer replies by prerecorded voice over a telephone line.

These systems have features like outbound paging, conversation with live operator, email or fax utilities after receiving any help request in a call, reports, etc. Computer administered evaluation has helped in developing vital literature based on the use of computer technology. Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, McGill Pain Questionnaire, questionnaire for Quality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction are the provided by IVR Systems. Organizations lead clinical IVR systems to meet the criteria of subjects and obtain quality of life and patient diary information. IVR Systems are also working hard for self help, workshops and education on different psychological illnesses like depression (Healthcare Technology Systems, 2009).

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