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The ultimate goal of the organization is to target the segment of 14-22 years. That is the reason why a proper integrated marketing communication plan must be developed (Keller, Aperia and Georgson 2008). The elements of integrated marketing communication plan are discussed below:

Step: 1

Identification of the target market: The target market in our research is identified and it belongs to the age group of 14-22 years. The essential attributes and preferences of this age group must be identified. This identification is very essential because the future decision making of an organization depends on this identification (McCracken 2005). That is the reason why utmost care must be taken by the organizations to identify what is their target market.

Step: 2

Designing a communication message: A communication message is considered to be the crux integrated marketing communication and it actually contains three vital elements. These elements are given below:

  • Message Content
  • Message Structure
  • Message Format

Message Content: The Content of the message contains certain aspects like rational appeals, emotional appeals and moral appeals. These appeals actually differ from different age groups. In the current scenario an emotional and a rational appeal can be used by an organization to target the youngsters and the young adults (Chevalier 2008). The can develop messages on the basis of fashion and trend. Moreover, the target market can be targeted through quality and long term life of a product. A proper USP (Unique Selling Proposition) must be formed in order to attain the short and the long term benefits (Batey 2008).

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