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History of dell

Dell Corporation was formed in 1984 and the purpose of Dell was to directly serve their customers and this organization was formed to meet the needs of the customers. At the early days the organization was known as PC’s limited and Michael Dell was a student at that time. AT that time Dell initiated their first computer which was known as Turbo and the ultimate goal of Dell was to produce the personal computer systems. The system that was developed at that time was IBM compatible. Their approach was entirely customized and their differentiating point was to individually assemble the computers individually.

The company grown slowly and gradually and it actually grossed 73 million dollars in the first year and they even went public in the year 1988 and offered a share price of $8.50 a piece. The company after that specialized in laptops and the first Dell laptop made its debut in 1991. After that they never looked back and in their initial years Dell become the top five computer companies in the world. In the year 1997 Dell shipped its ten millionth systems. They changed their selling strategy and started selling the computers through their website and as a result of which they took over Compaq.

Dell was considered as a leader in the laptop business so they extended their brand and introduced their printers for the public. These printers were targeted for individuals and small businesses. Therefore, the history of Dell is quite rich and they have a long track record of customer satisfaction and their customer base is increasing every year (Printcountry , 2009).

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