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4.1 IMC Objectives

Integrated marketing communications is considered as a vital strategy for managing brands. It’s applicable for every type of business and it can be implemented into online business too. The ultimate goal of the integrated marketing plan is to manage the resources of the organization in a proper way and to develop promotional plans that are related to advertising of the product and the organization and other promotional plans (Keller). The core objective of the organization is to develop an integrated plan which incorporates all the aspects of promotion and these aspects are communication, advertising, direct selling, selling online and etc.

One of the core objectives of the plan is that communications processes are effectively linked together and all the promotional tools are integrated together so that they work in harmony. Integrated marketing communication objectives are implemented in a proper manner than the organization can experience growth in both the short and the long run.

The messages of the IMC are spread at several communication channels and that is the reason why IMC can boost that sales of an organization and customers in the first stage are attracted then they are aroused and finally they end up buying the product or service because the communication patterns and promotional messages are effectively tied together and this coherence of promotional messages benefits the company and the customers are retained on a long term basis.

Therefore, it can be said quite easily that integrated marketing communication management are quite vital for blue ribbon groceries and if they are implemented in an appropriate manner than the organization can reap maximum results from these plans.

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