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Integrated marketing communication programs and its channels integrates the activities of marketing and promotion. The core purpose of integrated marketing communication programs is to develop different promotional campaigns through which the organization can achieve its wide and varied goals. In this scenario three phases are evaluated which are Integrated marketing plan for customers, for distributor and for businesses. Since the organization is an online grocery store that is the reason why the budget is limited and many options are not incorporated by the organization. The promotional strategy that is implemented by blue ribbon groceries is done through different mediums and these mediums are television, bill boards and etc.

The organization follows a forward looking approach because they have opted for certain channels like consumer promotion, direct marketing and etc. Direct marketing approach is widely used by the organization and different methods like cold calling; telemarketing is opted by the organization. Moreover, due to budget constrains blue ribbon grocery is following a limited promotional and marketing campaigns. The organization is working hand in hand with its channel members and that is the reason why they are opting for different consumer promotions. In this paper emphasis is laid on the design of the brand and the design is linked with the name. The packaging of the products is based on blue ribbons and excessive blue colour is used in the website.  Restaurants, hotels and different organizations are contacted for bulk buying and blue ribbon grocery is trying to persuade these institutions to buy their products in bulk quantities. Besides that frequent shopping programs are also implemented by the organization and blue ribbon grocery offers reward and discount cards to its valued customers. The discount is offered on the total quantity purchased. Therefore, it can be said that can be a success if the competition is managed in a proper manner because the industry of online grocery stores in the United Kingdom is quite saturated and customers might face difficulty in identifying the products which they are willing to buy.

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