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People are adopting new and modernized technologies and they believe that these technologies would benefit them in both the short and the long run. That is the reasons why innovations are taking place in the world at a rapid pace. Usually there are two types of perceptions that prevail in the market or in other words it can be said that there are two broad classifications of customers. These broad classifications are known as novelty lovers and misoneism. Misoneisms are usually individuals that are usually against the novel ideas and they actually reject novelty.

That is the reason why few people in this classification are early adopters and these people usually belong to the European countries. They usually follow the footsteps of other customers and from their reviews and referrals they buy novel products. However, in the similar manner Asians are usually considered as technology oriented people and majority of them are innovators and early adopters that is the reason why they respond in a positive manner towards advertisements that are targeted towards early adopters. Therefore, it can be said that these perceptions of customers affect the sales and marketing strategies of an organization.

Electronics and technological are creeping in everyone’s day to day life and organization are developing new and modernized just to cater the changing needs of its customers. Usually they follow a simple strategy that these organizations first target the early adopters and when early adopters adopt their products and services then they move towards the mass market and increase their market share through this strategy. However, these organizations are invading our lives with technology but consumers are excepting it because a perception is actually created by these organizations that anything which is new and costly is better in both the short and the long run.

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