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The history of biological evolution has been marked by a series of crucial watersheds…. Another much more recent watershed, of overwhelming significance for life on our planet, was the evolutionary emergence of the human capacity for culture. This relatively small change in the genetic material of our ancestors….. has had repercussions of gargantuan proportions…. (Boyden 2004, p.1)

According to Boyden, the most vital feature on inherent ‘culture’ is the human ability to formulate different sounding words and organize them in statements to communicate with each other. It is interesting to learn that this capability to create a language is relies on the ‘characteristics of the brain’ as well as ‘on special anatomical arrangements in the region of larynx, pharynx and tongue’. ‘Culture’ is not restricted to language only. It includes ‘knowledge, assumptions, beliefs, values and technological competence’ which are related through language. (Boyden 2004, p.1)

Boyden asserts that ‘human dexterity’ is another exceptional ‘biological’ skill which has led to the enhancement and development of ‘culture’. With time, man devised different instruments and ‘tools’ to help himself carry out and uncovered his ‘craftsmanship’ to convey messages through different forms of art such as ‘rock painting, sculptures’ and playing ‘musical instruments’. Evolution occurred with the passage of time as the man used another remarkable intrinsic biological attribute to pass ‘technical’ abilities from ‘generation to generation’. (Boyden 2004, p.2)

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