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The industry is filled in with competition and there are number of players in the local and international market and it can be said strategically that every organization in this industry must devise proper strategies. In order to overcome this phenomenon and the competition associated with it organizations must understand the industry globalization drivers.

One of the most common industrial drivers that are related with globalization can be the increasing trend of brand ambassadors. The current players in the industry are contracting sports figures that are quite famous. Famous sports figures like Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal and etc are contracted to wear the sports shoes and in this manner they can easily target the international market. Branding through brand ambassadors is one of the most common practices that are used as a globalization driver. Developing ads for the international market can also be treated as a globalization driver. Similarly the increasing trend of health issues and health oriented awareness can be marketed on global basis and this can be treated as one of the industry globalization driver. People feel comfortable when they are associated with a certain brand and organizations on the other hand can cash on this point and they can target their brands globally.

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