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The basic purpose of this essay is to explore the origin and effects of the industrial revolution. It originated in England and spread across the United States of America. It was widely appreciated by the factory owner also known as capitalist and but become a mere source of poverty for the poor later. In short, it originated the concepts of capitalists and poverty in economics and other disciplines.

Industrial Revolution is a name that is widely used in history. Whether a person is studying business, history, literature, or any other discipline these words are found everywhere and in every discipline.

From this questions would arise why it is so important to study this. The answer to this question is given below:

The Industrial Revolution is all about a revolution in the industry. What were the causes that brought it? What were its overall effects on the economy and society? Thus it is important to study this because it only brought a revolution in industry and society but it also changed the minds and psychology of people living in society.

The Industrial Revolution was experienced in England around 1733 with the first cotton mill. It was a beginning of a more modern world. As new inventions were being created to reduce labor costs and to make factories more mechanical and technology oriented, thus leading to a revolution by modernizing the industry.

England wanted to keep its industrialization and modernization a secret, so they forbade anyone who had worked in a factory to leave the country. So that there would not be a single chance to leak the secret. Meanwhile, Americans were very curious to know what was happening in England and what was the cause of their huge success so they offered a significant reward to anyone who could build a cotton-spinning machine in the United States.

Samuel Slater, who had been a learner and an apprentice in an English cotton factory, disguised himself and came to America. Once here, he reconstructed a cotton-spinning machine from his memory and experience. He then advanced to build a factory of his own. Thus Industrial Revolution dawned and had arrived in the United States with Samuel Slater. (Simon R.)

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution brought severe consequences to society in positive as well as negative terms. Factory owners made huge profits by using cheap labor and modern technology i.e. shifting many labor oriented tasks on machines. This in turn was the creation of elite, modern and wealthy society as now they would earn more; spend less on costs and paying less to labor as well.

On the other hand these wealthy, elite and modern factory owners needing cheap, unskilled labor, profited greatly by using children and women to run the machines.  Parents would send their children to these factories to earn and by the age of 6, many children were already working 14 hours a day in factories.

Moreover, women were also allowed to go to earn because it was very difficult for poor and unemployed men to make both ends meet.  These kids and women had no free time to do anything else and earned low wages. Some got sick and died because of the toxic fumes, while others were severely injured and sometimes killed working at the dangerous machines in factories as they were not given proper training to operate the machines.

Obviously, the Industrial Revolution had both good and bad sides, good for the factory owners as one would call them capitalists as they exploited humans and made huge profits and capital.

On the contrary, bad for the poor, unemployed, unskilled and exploited laborers that were forced to work under miserable conditions in order to get some food and shelter for living.

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