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The supporters of the capital punishment states that a criminal must be sentenced to death because he commits the crime such as murdering someone. This is against the humanity and how can be a person who commits such a crime can be set free or given penalty for the prison. The criminal must be sentenced to death so that he will not be able do commit such a crime another time. In this way the society will become free from such dangerous criminals and this will bring positive effects in the society.

Whereas the people against this type of penalty condemns the law and order bodies for sentencing the criminal to the capital punishment. They say that the criminals will be punished by the God and that there should not be such a brutal penalty.

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Money is limited and the Government should use the money in the help of the poor and deserving people rather than spending money on the criminals (who committed crimes like rape and murder) in the prison for years. By sentencing the criminal to the death penalty would help the government have the fewer loads (Banner).

On the other hand the people against the death penalty state that money is not only focus in life. By sentencing the criminal to a prison for selected years will put positive impact on his psychology of the criminal and in this way he will attain his moral by repenting.

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