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It can be surmised as a result of this discussion that distance learning is indeed an appropriate choice for the perusal of education. The obstacles posed by distance education programs may be ones that cannot be denied their presence and relevance, the number of merits are far more than demerits and even these demerits are ones out of which more come out to contribute to the effectiveness of the distance learning program. A student engaging in a distance learning program is able to exercise far more flexibility than one would be able to exercise in a regular classroom course. Distance learning programs are a solution to the increasing cost of education and since the increasing cost of education only correlates to an increase in the demand for education, it further indicates an increase in the number of students applying for admissions.

In order to acquire higher education in a manner such that one can cut costs while ensuring an admission into the desired course, distance learning programs appear to be a highly effective mode of acquisition of education. While the obstacles and hurdles posed by distance education programs may be ones that are of an undeniable relevance, it is evident that those that are perceived as demerits of distance education programs serve to contribute to the effectiveness of these programs. The external student acquires a degree that ranks on par with those awarded to internal students while being able to adjust the program to the requirements of personal and professional requirements. It would therefore be justifiable to bring this paper to a close with a conclusion that distance education programs are indeed better than regular classroom programs and that therefore a degree earned through a distance education program is much more productive than that earned through regular classroom learning sessions.

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