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Improving medication administration processes may be complicated, depending on the medication administration practices used in an agency or hospital. This initiative may involve having the appropriate “engineers” map the process. (Warner, 2005) Or they and their staff may need to explore new types of medication administration using commercial systems. In this area for improvement, it’s important to involve all the multidisciplinary players in your efforts from the beginning.

The fourth point in this program is reporting and analyzing errors to improve care. Attitude is the key and the desired attitude is improvement. If your staff members focus on improvement, they can identify and study any near-error or error in medication administration to find out what went wrong, what works, and what they can improve.

Studies of patient-safety improvements indicate that most medication administration issues come from the systems, rather than the individual. As one starts to work on the program, consider that individuals make decisions and act-they are helped or hindered by systems.

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