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It was further added that, “This was especially evident in the problem-solving studies and in the concrete–representational–abstract study. Strategy instruction promoted student independence in addition to increasing mathematics performance. These interventions may be particularly useful when considering the supports necessary for placement of students with mental retardation within inclusive settings.” (Butler et al, 2001, p. 29)

Schmidt, Rozendal and Greenman (2002) found that poor reading ability is a strong predictor of school failure and the majority of students with high-incidence of disability have experienced difficulty in reading. The identification of an effective instructional practice for teaching reading in inclusive settings is crucial if students with disabilities are to be successfully integrated to the general education classrooms.

Findings concluded that powerful strategies to improve learning of students are available to teachers but conventional wisdom about which strategies are effective has no support from research. Students with disabilities become successful if provided with metacognitive strategy training using collaborative instructional practices. Most general education teachers are more than willing to include students with disabilities in their classroom but they are less willing to make specific modifications in the use of materials or environment to accommodate these students. (Schmidt et al, 2002)

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