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The Country economic growth had been growing at stable level mainly because of high domestic demand, low interest rate, positive external trade balance and increase in 2007 budget. Furthermore, to improve the economic growth rate to an elite level, it was suggested that the central bank must cut interest rate by 25 percent basis point to 3.25 percent to stimulate domestic demand, increase investment and borrowing rate. This reduction in interest would not affect saving due to high disposable income by household. Also the central bank was asked to reduce money supply (M3) to strengthen the ringgit to be consistent with major currency and balance both exports and import growth to maintain the reserves level.

In case of America, there has been a development in restructuring managerial total compensation to take in a larger part of continuing inducements like stock exchange and some other long-standing vehicles. According to a latest research about 96 percent organisations possess yearly plan of businesses and 92 percent possesses single or a couple of long-standing inducements. The major cause for this is to support benefits for individual administrators with performance that boosts investors’ value.

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