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Technical skills: An effective manager of an organization must possess certain technical skills so that he/she is able to control certain problems that might arise randomly. Furthermore, the manager can easily control the costs because he/she will be well aware about the technicalities. In the scenario of an Event Management Company the manager should know that which marketing or managerial approach is cost and what logistics options their organization can use to cater their customers. Besides that the manager can also attract more and more customers with the technical skills.

Conceptual skills: The conceptual skills of a manager revolves around the scenario that a manager is able to conceptualize things and organize them according to the timelines. Through conceptual skills the manager can easily figure out the problematic aspects in a situation and reduce the complexity of the situation. In the scenario of an event management company identifying the marketing strategy of the competitor and the evaluating the prices of different items can be included in the conceptual skills of a manager.

Human skills: Human skills incorporate aspects like organizing the employees, managing their affairs and coordinating with the peers or subordinates. In the similar manner the manager must have an idea that how he/she can depict its positive attitude towards work so that employees of organization can be easily motivated to work. In the scenario of an Event Management Company the best approach in human skills is to motivate the employees to work hard for the betterment of the organization. In the similar manner a clear strategy must be conveyed to them and since there are only 15 employees that is the reason why the employees must coordinate with each other.

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