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Kind of product market

There are different strategies used for different market. Personal sales and cold calling is used for industrial marketing; but for business too consumer marketing, advertising plays very important role. As Manchester Home wants to enter into the household furniture market, it has to design its promotional mix according to the needs of the market. Personal selling can also play very important role in the business to consumer marketing as in the case of PLFD. By using personal selling as promotional tool, Manchester Home can persuade the dealers to keep more stocks and display its products at the prominent places. It also helps to develop dealer’s eagerness, to sign contract with more dealers and grow sales at the existing point of sales (Kotler, 2002). This was the strategy of the PLFD and it has more focused approach as compared to corporate level of advertising.

Push-versus-pull strategy

In pull strategy, manufacture used its sales force to push the product across the distribution channel to store, promote and later sell to the end consumers (Kotler, 2002). It is used in the initial stages of the brand but once the brand grows, its benefits are understood by the customers and brand equity establishes, pull strategy works well. In the pull strategy, consumer from the other end of the distribution channel itself demands and pulls the product. This strategy is especially apt in the case where there is great brand loyalty; customers have well understanding of brand and its difference from the others. Then they decide the product before entering the store.

Market position of the company

The company which is the market leader like PLFD in the home furniture market usually derives more benefits from the advertising than that of the sales promotion activities (Kotler, 2002).

While the companies which are at the beginning stages of entering into the market have to pay more focus on the sales promotion as it will help them to strengthen their position and building their brand image.  Among other important factors to consider are the awareness stages of buyer about the product and product life cycle. If the brand is new, then advertising is beneficial to create awareness, but to enhance the conviction of customers, personal selling is more useful. Similarly, different approaches are used in different stage of a product life cycle and product lines (Kotler, 2002).

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