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A list of schools in communities can be used to set up sampling sites. At the start a hundred children from each school can be used in each sample. The data of the number of children per school can be made available as well. Other data such the number of classes taken at the school, the amount of physical activity and the nutritional value of the food served in its cafeteria can also be received over a period of time.

Personal interaction with the families of the children sampled will be required to gain the maximum benefit of this study. If necessary the aid of the school administration can also be taken in order to ease the parents of the children about the viability of the study. The samples taken will be observed to ensure that an equal number of children are present from all 3 socioeconomic backgrounds to assess the viability of the study. Samples will also be checked to ensure that the children are off the same age as of January of that year. The guardians of the children in question will be asked to keep a diary detailing their habits regarding the use of television, video games or computers. At the age of 7 children will be asked to take over such duties. Details such as their eating habits, their school performance, their psychological make-up, and their personal relationships can also be written.

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