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Open internet is valuable because it promotes visionary attitudes and democracy. Risks to net neutrality are being caused by companies that provide internet services. Their aim is to show things which they want the users to view first. These companies are keenly interested in throwing the net neutrality kinds of concepts away as these concepts stop them to slow down the speed and become discriminator. Hence the concept which basically takes away user’s ability to direct himself for his online commotions is referred as net neutrality. Telecom and broadband companies are on the verge of criticism by a set of institutions and people because they are leading these activities which transform the way of internet functioning. If these kinds of activities continue to happen, there would probably be a situation when all the big brands will be asking them for publicity of their campaign (Anderson, 2009).

Ars Technica reports quote comments of some ISPs which say to CRTC i.e. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that practices of net throttling and net neutrality come in favor of users and internet services and society as well. These favors may be in form of child pornography, spam control and virus protection. Graduated response rules may be introduced to outset the users in society. Copyright infringement can be accused and additionally the new CRTC laws can limit the ability to choke P2P uploads which are available everywhere today. Network congestion is caused mainly by these P2P file sharing. Therefore in congestion situations throttling and neutrality can be used effectively to boost up latency; which ensures the degree of reliability of the network.  (Slashdot, 2009).

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